The story behind Mokaite

The story behind Mokaite

The passion for naturalness, this is the origin of Mokaite. Each garment is created with a unique style, a meticulous choice of fabrics, high fashion and attention to detail.

A unique concept

Each Mokaite garment comes in a limited edition. It is the result of an ardent passion for natural fibres that exacerbates the feeling of freedom, sensuality and femininity of the wearer. Pleasant to the touch, our noble and refined fabrics convey an antique fragrance and timeless elegance. Enough to envelop one's beauty and achieve a completely intriguing and seductive look.
Simple and linear cuts, intentionally worked finishes and seams with natural threads characterise the entire Mokaite Capsule collection "the nature you wear".

What does Mokaite mean?

Red, burgundy, desert yellow, white, brown, lilac and purple are the colours of this ancient Aboriginal jasper. This stone is said to possess alchemical powers. Mokaite is synonymous with connection with the earth, energy and a constant desire for new experiences.